mission guide is an Oraphim Indigo from the Guardian Alliance of the Emerald Covenant, here as a gatherer of Indigo teams bringing them together so they can assist in the ascension process. Gatherers assemble the Azurite Universal Templar Security Teams and prepare them to serve their mission contracts to provide shelter and education for the humans and hybrids now moving forward during the Stellar Activation Cycle which is an organic ascension process that occurs at the end of the long-cycle of an Avatar evolution.

mission guide is also in direct contact with ET ambassadors of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds whose job it is to look after the safety and welfare of planet Tara Urth. He works with Level 1 representatives of the IAFW Council under contractual agreements to offer protection for their members who are physically here on planet during the ascension window. In return they offer the Guardians assistance for our mission as well as regular updates on the progression of the war effort.