At the bottom of the HANDBOOKS page are also offerings from my contact. Do not mistake these offerings as merely just another collection of words from beings acting like they come from other planets who actually live underneath the ground you are walking on and have been deceiving you ever since man has had the ability to see and hear. My contact is one of only the smallest handful of beings on planet who have actual access in and outside of this plain that is now in quarantine. All others, regardless of how important they make themselves sound have been locked into this playing field for eons of time and absolutely do not come and go as they please. Council has no such limitations and does in fact report off-world, in-person, on a constant basis and has been doing so for “about 550 million years”. I show you actual pictures of where she calls home in these reports, so it is not some case of claim without proof. In strictly my own opinion when she opens her mouth to speak, only the deaf or a fool would choose not to listen.

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