mission guide’s official position is that of a gatherer, physically on-planet to bring together members of the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team who have forgotten that they are on assignment during the very short dimensional transition window following the Long Cycle of Evolution of the Turaneusiam Project. For Indigos interested in serving their contracts and to learn more about their duties please visit MISSION.


Unlike other Indigo Contracts, the role of gatherer, or mission guide for any one division of the Azurite Security Team is to establish Eco Preserves for humans and human hybrids in their section of Tara where they can come for sanctuary and education to prepare them as the pioneers who will be establishing the foundations of the next level of their evolution in the 4th Dimension. These preserves will serve as self-reliant permaculture communities that will be staffed by Security Team representatives. We have eco preserves in various places around the world, but Krystened members of this mission guide’s team are dispatched to the model or headquarters preserve where representatives of the other divisions can come for personal education directly from the Council of the IAFW on the Law of ONE practices observed in higher dimension, then return to their groups for implementation.


mission guide is under direct covenant with the collective known as the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds who are the official custodians of Tara Urth as well as billions of other planets to assure their status of freedom against enslavement and oppressive, unfair authoritarian rule. No entity or group in this portion of the cosmeias has higher authority over what happens within the playing fields of member groups and at this time is the only interdimensional fraternity that has the authority to manifest (come and go) on Tara during quarantine.


He is also under covenant with the founding fathers of the current Angelic Human evolution known as the Guardian Alliance from the Emerald Council. The Emerald Council represents the collective of Oraphim Angelics from the Halls of Palaidor, Sirius-B from the Orion constellation that seeded this evolution and authored the Treaties now in place.


This multi-group effort is unified in allegiance to the Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty of Palaidor that promises the possibility of transition to all humans and hybrids present during the Stellar Activation Cycle which is now soon coming to a close.