Blooming Botanicals

The ultra-pure herbal offerings below are produced by on-planet representatives of the IAFW with the assistance of the Azurite Security Team under the name Blooming Botanicals to offer organic medicinals to our team members that cannot be sourced anywhere else in the world, as they include extracts from heirloom herbs that have otherwise been distorted through aggressive botanical destruction Programs by the Luciferian Resistance. Certain strains of spirulina and chlorella among others Blooming Botanicals uses necessary to actually dissolve the super-hard calcium that has built up around the pineal gland of virtually every being on planet today through fluoride and other Programs simply are not available on the open market, making it impossible to offer recipes to make these blends yourself.

These botanical products are offered in tandem with the white paper written by the Level 1 IAFW ambassador referred to here as mission guide’s contact, In The Beginning…. that does include recipes for support herbals that can and must be made by hand yourself if the Protocol to clear your signal connection to your higher self and across the veils is to work. Our contact stated that all the products on this list are required as an ongoing-lifestyle protocol from this time forward, so you will want to order ample amounts of items such as the Ionic Tincture, Magnesium Spray that you will being going through. All products other than the soaps need to be stored in refrigerator or freezer to keep their microorganisms alive and viable. Please follow the ordering instructions carefully.