560 million years ago the Turaneusiam 1 Project began on Tara Urth. This would be in the form of 5 unique, yet slightly different, versions of what are known as Elohim Avatars that in this case would take the shape of emotionally-vast “humans” that would have two eyes and one nose and move as bi-pedal hominids that would also carry the genetic codes of eternal life while inside of a Time Matrix. They would breed together and if all went according to plan, would produce the most advanced Avatar model of all-time (vessels that can host Signature Spirit Essences for manifestation).

Due to concerns that this new Avatar Series would not be a stable platform for eternal-life vessels that could potentially present an eternal threat to all other Avatar species should they be unable to control their extremely wide-range of emotions while at the same time possessing unlimited power, a group of beings also from the Elohim lineage (from the Anuhazi race) decided to stop this evolution and waged war on the Project. The story can be read on this site under MISSION. What followed was the end of all life on Tara 8 million years after the Project began, leaving billions of fractals of god disembodied with no way of escape from the aetheric realms of the Gaia Time Matrix. Something needed to be done, or they would literally never come back out and you need a physical body in order to do that. You can’t move from one dimension or Matrix to another unless you have your master memory crystals with you (explained below). After Tara healed over the following hundreds of millions of years, although now only a fraction of the size as before, she was finally well enough to begin hosting Avatar Evolution once again.

Those who had lost their physical Avatars during the Fall of Man War (along with subsequent wars much later such as the Electric Wars and the 1000 Years War) where their bodies had been effectively vaporized into atomic particles and blown outside of the atmosphere of Tara Urth, were in a unique position where they no longer had 100% of the atoms (memory crystals) that must be present within any playing field in order to complete the full holographic projection of that being. Over the hundreds of millions of years it had taken for Tara to heal, due to magnetic attraction, many of the lost particles had filtered back through the Membrane and back into the life-cell known as the planet, making them available for reanimation again. However, since there were billions of beings lost, made up of quadrillions of atoms apiece, this left an ocean of particles that would need to knit themselves back together again before they would resonate with the complete recordings of each one’s past-lives memories first.

Your atoms (the Aniline crystal at the core of atoms) are the master capacitors that store each person’s song, or story called the Soul Essence or provenance of each being. So without these memories you can make a physical body and place an awareness inside of it, but that being won’t be able to remember who they really are until those recordings can be downloaded into that new Avatar. Among all of your master capacitors is the original or Genesis Aniline crystal that gathered up the very first thought that was “you” spoken by the Prime Creator and held it inside of that aether crystal that began vibrating all the unique details associated with who you would essentially be as a starting point to your Signature Spirit Essence.

This is called the Krystal Seed Atom, and with it you can manifest a body in any Time Matrix. The Krystal Seed Atom is the metronome that dwells at the center of a beating heart that causes that heart to follow a musical cadence that is even more unique than human fingerprints as explained in the handbook series.

As a manifest fractal of Prime Creator begins interacting with other fellow manifest beings, each moment or event generates a secondary emission (explained in volume 5, chapter 5 of Cheops SPOKE under Secondary Emissions). This is also known in science as a neutrino event where a brand-new neutron (Aniline crystal) is generated from the spark of the collision of a neutrino striking a proton. You will not be able to follow this without learning what neutrino events are in the second half of the Rough Draft (or what will be volumes 3 and 4), so this is just a general overview for you here to explain the idea of what was about to take place in this new Project that would be undertaken to bring back out the Lost Souls of Tara (covered below).

When your action creates a secondary emission, this now berths in a new Aniline crystal (capacitor) that will store the recordings of that moment in time and that tiny flake then adds itself to the superstructure that will be the framework of that manifest being. Your bones, hair, fingernails, teeth and skin are made up of these crystals referred to as calcium by medical science. They are piezoelectric SiO2 quarts, the very same as the battery inside of your phone or computer processor that generates the millions of functions it is able to record, process and play back. In factual terms your Aniline crystals are your own unique Akashic Records for all the time you have spent in corporeal form and they travel with you in neutrino (aetheric) form anytime you leave one playing field and travel to the next through a stargate or through organic transition.

The Krystal Seed Atoms for each person berthed into a hosting field will always find their way back to that field through what is known as sympathetic harmonic resonance “magnetic” attraction covered in volume 2, chapter 20 Quantum Entanglement. So now after millions of years, we finally had your master crystal and most or all of your subsequent memory crystals to work with in order to splice “you” back together again, but it wouldn’t be an easy task.

Collectively, all humans who had been blown into stardust in the attacks along with many different “fallen” soldiers of the invasions are referred to as the Lost Souls of Tara (LSOT). Since all of the invader races’ particles were mixed in with all the Turaneusiam Project beings’ particles, the only solution to saving anybody would be to attempt to save all of them together, plus just because a fractal of god chooses a less-than altruistic position it does not mean they are to simply be abandoned.

Approximately 3.75 million years ago the 2nd Seeding of the Turaneusiam Angelic Human Krystos Project began, authored by the founding fathers of the Turaneusiam Project, the Oraphim Angelics of Sirius-B. Naturally, this involved entering into a new covenant with the various races who had been involved in the invasion of the Gaia Time Matrix.

The extremely complex plan would provide a means of escape for their peoples who were not officially under contract in this matrix, and at the same time offer a unified means of continuing up the remaining 12 levels of evolution for the Angelic Humans. Unless you had arrived here under official entry, your genetic template does not offer you a way of exit if you somehow manage to lose your Avatar. The only way out is to come into manifestation using the Scalar Vibrational Mechanics laws of physics for that matrix. And in the Gaia Time Matrix where all these dramas played out, that would be Tara’s universal life frequency known as the Schumann Resonance.

The Oraphim’s plan was to be named the Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty of Palaidor (CBT) that would be offered to all those LSOT as a method of escape by entering into a universal Avatar body-type that would accommodate the rudimentary “vampire” genetics of certain invader races, the infinitely more-advanced genetics of the Anu-Elohim warrior races and the more-advanced-even-yet templates of the lost Angelic Humans. It would be a compromise where, by stepping eternal-life Spirit Essences down and stepping vampire Essences up, all could repair the first 4 strands of the 12 Strand DNA Sequence of the original Turaneusiam Angelic Human that would be mixed in with this unique genetic cocktail. This would allow Angelic Humans to continue their evolutionary process up through the rest of the 15 levels of transition to bring back out of this matrix the much-coveted eternal-life Turaneusiam (Kryst) Avatar and the others could then return back to their places of origin.

Everyone who is officially here on-planet (with the exception of the Leviathan Drakonians or “Dracos” as I understand it, who are still part of the Luciferian Resistance and declined the CBT plan) has signed a Berthing Contract to be within manifestation, thus qualifying for organic transition if their individual frequencies are high enough to make the leap. Those that have been smuggled in through devious means in cloned and 3D-assembled bodies to battle in the final conflict alongside the Dracos (referred to in religious texts as the demons of Armageddon) also do not qualify for transition and plan to remain on Antiparticle Tara through the close of the transition window and return to the Weasadek Phantom Matrix.

The CBT plan involved placing all the “stardust” (master memory crystals of all the beings who had been blown into particles and sent beyond Urth’s atmosphere) inside an incubation chamber known as the Sphere of Amenti where they could begin to splice themselves back together again. (All like-kind particles are known in quantum science to automatically migrate back to their own resonant-tone particles.) This would then prepare them for Soul Integration again with their corresponding Krystal Seed Atoms.

Each person coming into manifestation using one of the new T-2 Universal Templates on-planet, including the invader race beings, would share one collective identity while in manifestation for what was initially planned to be just 3 lifetimes. At which time they would each have found their way back to their own organic personalities again, which would cause the master memory crystals of their temporary Avatars to resonate with their own unique personality memory crystals held inside the Sphere of Amenti.

After passing through the Sphere and leaving the 3rd Dimension, this would allow their lost memory particles to join with their new memory particles, combining them together for assembly of a new 4th Dimensional Avatar on the next level. Since that level isn’t under quarantine like the 3rd Dimension is, that would give each one the choice to continue on up the ladder of the 15 Level Time Matrix, or as I mentioned, return to where they originated.

The extraction processes used down through time have been successful in retrieving most of those who were lost in the original Fall of Man War. But since this was not to be the end of the Anu-Elohim’s invasions, many more Signature Spirit Essences were again lost in those subsequent conflicts. So the occupation and the extraction process of the CBT plan have been ongoing since immediately following the first rescue mission.

Among those we have come to rescue, some of these agreements are Angelic Human Krystos (Turaneusiam) Berthing Contracts and some are Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty Berthing Contracts (for those who wound up on this plane through abduction and are now in hybrid bodies no longer quantum-entangled to their Matrix of origin). Still others are here under service missions who have signed Maharaji Soul Integration Berthing Contracts that allow their off-planet Signature Spirit Essences to enter into a Tara Urth Avatar in order to extract the ones who are ready to now move forward. These are known as Indigos and Starseeds by man, but are actually members of the leagues of Emerald Guardians and Azurite Universal Templar Security Team tactical agents who serve in cross-matrix missions to enforce Free World treaties.

Until the Oraphim stood up and offered this new program, many beings that had been brought here against their will to serve the agenda of the Anu-Elohim and had lost their Avatars in the process were eternally entombed in the “veils” of the 3rd Dimension and disembodied, not to mention their billions of human victims. And now, many of the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team and Emerald Guardian Alliance agents who have lost their Avatars in the process of serving their missions in subsequent wars have been unfairly blocked by the Luciferian Resistance from taking physical form during this 10-year organic transition cycle.

This prompted the IAFW to formulate a new plan on-the-fly as it were, whereby their leading Level 1 ambassador, my contact, would gather as many as a thousand (or more) Lost Souls of the Azurite and Emerald teams at a time and through mutual agreement, place them into a “shared” animal vessel from now until the time of separation, thus giving us a method of “smuggling” many of our own people out. (See more about the Vessels Project at SUPPORT THE MISSION.)

The Emerald Guardians, Azurites and the IAFW assist all beings interested in maintaining their divine right to freedom and are willing to abide by the Law of ONE that assures that every fractal of god source holds absolute their Prime Creator Berth Rites of Independence.

Those who are seeking transition, regardless of how they came to Tara, will invariably also be under the Co-Evolution Treaty. There you have agreed to assist the Azurites to actively disseminate Transition Mechanics training now being released from this platform from mission guide. The Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds has entered into an agreement with the Security Team that is working with the Emerald Guardians to provide transition training in the handbook series in a coordinated effort. Whether you are human or Indigo, please respond to all calls out to Starseeds and Indigos on this site just the same. If you don’t help us, we will be less able to help you. Only you can choose whether or not you will be transitioning in this final Stellar Activation Cycle. That will only happen by taking action and will not come through armchair observation.


If you haven’t yet joined us, then you are late for roll call. There is still time to serve your mission, but along with the transition window, it will be permanently coming to a close soon. If you have non-human Clair abilities then you have signed mission contracts that are in effect even though you do not have the benefit of all the protections and increased abilities afforded you once you have officially rejoined your designated team that you chose prior to deployment. Please visit STARSEED CONTRACTS now.