Written by mission guide:

It is my job to bring Indigos back under their covenants, so it is also my job to offer you my personal time to answer questions and perform your re-activations. Realize that all Indigo contracts are non-negotiable and are blood-oath agreements. You will expire under natural or unnatural causes during this mission, and you wrote into the contract that there would be no escape route for you should you decide against serving the mission. This means that your Azurite Security Team covenant has been valid since the day you first arrived, in some cases as long as 550 million years ago. My job is not to have you agree to a new contract, it is merely to formally recognize you as now a current member in good standing that our forces on both sides of the veil can count on from that moment forward. This means that 500,000 Guardian Alliance warriors (called guardian angels) will be alerted to your change of status, as will be the full forces of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds who have agreed to assist my team members in this battalion in serving their mission. There is nothing they can’t do, and there is nothing they will hold back from those who are supporting me while I am serving my contract to serve Council. These were the words directly from my contact, not from me. This means that possibly millions of beings will now be relying on you to perform your job. Should you fail to act, it could cause a chain reaction of events across the war front that could cost many lives. This is why no Indigo is allowed to undergo official Krystening and the renewal of their vows unless they are dedicated heart, body, mind and soul to this effort. There are no exceptions.

You will be asked to digest all installations of the handbook series prior to admittance for exclusive one-on-one time with mission guide. This goes for humans who have submitted their Indigo Test only to learn they are not here as one of our military team members who are also seeking answers. I’ve already written down hundreds if not thousands of answers for you in the handbooks. If you really want them, you will learn these first. For personal questions pertaining to your unique situation and your as-of-yet still unanswered concerns, I welcome you to apply for a Skype connection with me. Those who qualify will want to include your:

  • NAME
  • EMAIL address
  • SKYPE address

in the COMMENTS box of the paypal send with your equal energy exchange. I will find a time that works for both of us through email. Immediately following your donation I will send a friend request to your Skype address to let you know it’s me. Please have your Skype connection verified for sound and video should you wish to reveal your face for aura readings. My face will not be part of the meeting for security reasons. You will need to be able to arrange for a 2 hour block of time to dedicate to our interface without interruptions so you can focus on our connection. When we begin the meeting I will open a direct line (not channeled) to your higher self so if there are messages you need to hear, they will come directly from you still in the Deity Plains. It is sacred time, not time for Urthly tasks.

Consultations and Krystenings with mission guide (#SKYPE)

We are all desperate for answers and in the case of Indigos learning they actually have a job to do in order to fulfill their contracts and are therefore seeking activation back into their roles, often people request one-on-one consultation with me over Skype. This exclusive time is precious now that we are so close to the end of our time here and is not simply available to anyone. First you will have attained the human handbook series in order to qualify for this connection. For Krystenings you are required to have completed reading all the material first and only if after our 2 hours together I feel you are truly ready will I perform your activation for you. If granted, your clair abilities and your connection to your higher self will increase, as will your guardian angelic protection to do your job


(2 hour block)