Eco Preserves

The Oraphim Angelics, founding fathers of the evolution of Angelic humans and custodians of the human hybrids on Tara, have tasked 500,000 boots-on-the-ground agents on planet to provide secure places where those who are moving forward will be able to undergo education in preparation of the new level of civilization moving into the 4th Dimension. These places are referred to as Eco-Preserves that focus on permaculture and sustainable living. Currently there are numerous Preserves already in place and it is mission guide’s task to prepare the headquarters of the network with direct assistance from the Council of the IAFW.

We are currently in the process of establishing this model where people will be able to come for differing lengths of stay, some as permanent assistants, some for specific training who will then return to their own Preserves to implement the processes in their own communities. All are encouraged to support this installation with donations or as investments for their own secure future resources for their own families. If you are seeking to send along support for general use toward this goal, you can simply take one of the donation links below and forward that along right now. If you are looking to make a financial investment and would like to learn more how you can become a full-time part of HQ, please send your inquiry to mission guide at [email protected] with the email subject heading: ECO PRESERVE INVESTOR and we will get right back to you.

This is an urgent undertaking, so if you intend to be part of this key foundation, please act now.

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