After years of sharing this knowledge asking nothing in return, I was informed by those who’ve educated me that if I want any of these words to effect change, I will cease giving them away and will stand under the rules of authenticity laid down by the aether; to only share with those who share back. Otherwise there is no energy “exchange”, and therefore there is no energy behind the transaction. Which means you can read the explanation to 10,000 secrets and come away no wiser because simply put, you placed no commitment into your own intellectual and spiritual evolution. Half-truths and lies are free. The real truth is something that must be earned and sacrificed for; otherwise the aether will literally take back that which you did not authentically deserve.

Since we’re not neighbors who can share eggs for tomatoes, if we are going to honor our commitment to be in cross-support of each other, we will be forced to exchange what we can. Magic Money is a Program with each coin and paper bill encoded with Command Signets dating back to the dawn of time that generates a negative outcome unless the intentions of the one using these tokens holds only the purest of intent (you will learn the actual science of how this works in this body of knowledge). At which time, all the “magic” spells attached to those notes (harmonic notes) are nullified and can be used freely with your fellowman. If you buy into the lie that you will need those coins more than you need access to higher knowledge, then it will never matter what you spend them on; they will always bring you the opposite end result than you were looking for. In actual truth, you are the god who created everything to work in harmony. If you simply allow your own creation to serve your needs, it will never fail you. First you have to believe in you.

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