The IAFW, short for the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, is the intergalactic authority in charge of enforcing “human” rights on planets across at least this section of the cosmeias. Made up of what we understand to be more than 2 billion star races, they have been vested with the authority to enforce adherence to universal berthing rites extended to all beings as having the right to life and to freedom. When a planet under their jurisdiction falls under captivity, such has happened to Tara Urth, they have the indisputable authority to block incoming and outgoing travel and place that playing field under quarantine until remedied. At that time the only temporary visitors allowed access to the planet are official representatives of the Council of the IAFW. Everyone else at every level of any interested party remains blocked by the quarantine. Tara has been in IAFW quarantine for a very long time.

Mission guide is in direct contract with the IAFW through their chief Level 1 ambassador (referred to as contact or simply council). There are currently (at least) three Level 1s on-planet now at this time. It is their job to continually monitor the health and welfare of Tara Urth and report this status back to the board members of the IAFW Council on a regular basis. This has been their official jobs since long before Angelic Humans ever arrived to this planet. Level 1 ambassadors reside both on Tara as well as at the IAFW headquarters (known on Urth as the Winged Solar Disc).

The IAFW is an independent organization, in that they do not take orders from individual members or fraternities, but rather set down the terms by which all who come and go from one of their properties must abide. When it comes to who will or will not be leaving this plane, they have the final word. Current photos of their fleets above our heads now are shared in the latest updated installations of vols 1 and 2 of the handbook series. While known down through time under other names stretching back to the earliest records in history, they have been the most benevolent beings ever sharing our space. Mission guide has spent many years now observing in-person from the sidelines and only sees the most aggressively dedicated humanitarian actions coming from them, remaining awake up to 4 and 5 days without sleep fielding calls from around the world or personally there at the war-front locations moderating attacks on our people. No one ever depicted in history has ever come close to the devotion to mankind as mission guide has personally witnessed. This is just a fact, not our own slant on their actions.

At the bottom of the HANDBOOKS page are also offerings from mission guide’s contact. Do not mistake these offerings as merely just another collection of words from beings acting like they come from other planets who actually live underneath the ground you are walking on and have been deceiving you ever since man has had the ability to see and hear. My contact is one of only the smallest handful of extra-terrestrial beings on planet who actually have the best intentions in mind for this evolution. Do not miss the opportunity to learn directly from this incredibly patient and altruistic group.

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