Roughly 560 million years ago a group known as the Emerald Alliance placed 5 similar Avatar prototypes into the culturing fields of the 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia you know of as earth. The Emerald Alliance is a group of genetic scientists from a place known as Palaidor from the planet Sirius-B in the Orion constellation, made up of Oraphim Angelics carrying forward the ever-advancing evolution of the bloodline of the Elohim.

There are many versions of Avatar species within the vast and eclectic expanse of the cosmeias, from people who look like grasshoppers to bunnies and every other living species on this planet, but there is only one unique bloodline that draws in their lifeforce energy directly from the Standing Liquid Light and  Sound Fields of god source that offers eternal life while within manifestation. Likewise there is also only one that imbues that being with unlimited power. That is the Elohim Avatar series. It is also known as the Krystos bloodline, based on the living light of krystalswhich makes up the atomic substructure of the physical bodies within that series. This is where you get the term “Christ” from today.

There are billions of “Krysts” on-planet now; it wasn’t just one guy from biblical times, although he did bring back the pure, undistorted 12 Strand Angelic Human Krystos DNA with him to reseed into the population in order to correct many millions of years of genetic distortions from various invader races who had bioformed (raped and and then augmented each following generation) the original genetic Template of the Kryst. He was Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek the Kryst, it wasn’t his last name. “The Kryst” is merely a title or office to indicate his position while in manifest form.

The Elohim’s general Template is that of a humanesque profile; some having bird-like wings, some who appear more like felines, but in general have two eyes, one nose, two hands etc. much like the “humans” now on planet, simply because Angelic Humans came from the Elohim basic Template. The new program from the Halls of Palaidor was called the Turaneusiam-1 Project. Each of the five unique yet similar strains of this exotic new class of Avatar were cultured over many millions of years where each one would bring forward certain physical and emotional attributes that had yet to be perfected within the Elohim species and were meant to breed with one another organically in order to blend all five unique types together. Thus producing what the Oraphim creators considered to be the most advanced Avatar up to that time once complete.

This project pushed the boundaries of E-motions (“electric” or light-powered, animated sensations) in order to enhance the experience of being inside of manifestation. For example, allowing one to become extremely happy or sad. This particular trait of the new Avatar series was considered too dangerous to code into a vessel that also possessed unlimited command of the powers from the Liquid Sound and Light Fields by one group of the original founders of Elohim technology.

This group who opposed the new project are known as the Anuhazi Elohim. They are the ones who have chosen the feature of wings on their version of the Elohim Template and are now known as the Anu-Elohim, also as Archangel Michael, fallen angels, Ba’al among many others. Arch means anti or foe, it does not mean benevolent.

The Anuhazi group went before the Emerald Council to petition the discontinuation of the Turaneusiam Project before it would even begin (on Tara Urth), scrapping the evolution of the “Angelic Human Krystos” due to the potential dangers it may present throughout the cosmeias once those beings were Krysted (this is the term for an Elohim Ascended Master), and allowed to openly integrate into the many other star races. Should they become too distraught and choose to settle conflicts with their unlimited powers, whole planets could be destroyed by a single thought. The Council supported the perfection and propagation of the new species regardless, arguing that such advancements would be a positive thing, with the Anuhazi adamantly disagreeing with that position.

It should be noted here that our extraction forces are not here to side with either of these opposing views, we are here to end the conflict that would arise from that original dispute.

What followed next was a small portion of the Anuhazi forming their own pro-active group that would become known today as The Michaelube, SUNS of Ba’al who would take action against the Emerald founder’s wishes directly. This lead to their destruction of the 12th Stargate of the 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia. It was there that the very complex and sacred blueprints for the Turaneusiam Project were stored, thus destroying the database of that ultimate Template.

Upon its destruction, this ripped a hole in the spacetime fabric between the Gaia Time Matrix and the Weasadek Phantom Matrix in the form of what is now a supermassive black hole located at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which is a stargate portal between these two adjoining matrices. With this new doorway from the Weasadek Matrix that was now in fall due to their overuse of the energies from the Liquid Light and Sound Fields that powered it, it allowed invader races to very easily come into the sacred culturing fields of the new Turaneusiam Project and lay to waste this new breed of Avatar, taking matters into their own hands.

The efforts to put an end to the development of the new model of Elohim Avatar by the renegade Anu Elohim group the SUNS of Ba’al came to a head after some 10 million years into the evolution of the new T-1 Template when the war against humans escalated into an all-out siege by the Anu Elohim along with their various armies they had assembled over time from other star races now-known as fallen angels.

This was a land and air assault, prompting other forces to come in and defend the population from outside of the Gaia playing fields. The special forces brought in were known at that time as the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team that had already been serving as protectors against tyranny in the Weasadek Phantom Matrix for roughly 1 trillion years.

Upon entering into this pure-energy battle this new alliance between the Templar Security Team and the founding father Oraphim of the Emerald Alliance would be renamed the Warriors of Tara to indicate which side the team was serving on; a tactical special forces who are the first on the front-lines similar to special forces in your modern militaries.

Soon into the conflict the Anu Elohim channeled the forces of the planet Tara herself into a very powerful Saser beam known as a radionic laser that quickly became out of control, overloading the Krystal Cathedral Energy Temples, blasting Tara into many fragments and ending all life in that 4thDimension of Gaia. This is now known as the Fall of Man War that occurred 550 million years ago, putting a temporary end to the T-1 Project. But more than this, the detonation “vaporized” billions of beings, including a great majority of the Warriors of Tara, blowing their physical bodies into atomic matter and out beyond the protective shield of the planet. Without all of their genetic material present completely inside of the Tara plasma field (her life cell), this made it impossible for any of those beings to re-enter material manifestation, leaving them all disembodied (“ghosts”). The Angelic Humans, the invader race teams of renegade Elohim and fallen angels and the Warriors of Tara left discarnate in that confrontation are now collectively known as TheLost Souls of Tara (LSOT, where the word “lost” comes from today).

The largest left-over portion of Tara has now since healed and much water has gone under the bridge as it were since the Fall of Man War, salvaging many of the original LSOT along the way using very advanced genetic mechanics, but many others have been added to that group who are still waiting for the opportunity to re-enter another living body and then transmute out of this war-torn prison matrix. Unless you are incarnate in physical form, it is impossible to move into a different dimension. This brings us up to current-day.

The original Azurite Security Team who pledged to end this war and bring back out the LSOT are still here. Many of our team remain today disembodied from that original war, along with many others we have fought on behalf of the Angelic Human Project. It is our intent to save as many of our fallen comrades as possible, while offering a path out of this eternal enslavement for all of those who are under what is known as the Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty of Palaidor that serves as a vehicle of ascension to all who are seeking release from the bonds of the Anu Elohim and to re-enter higher realms once again.

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