Once these first 6 volumes finally go to paperback (when the powers that be finally issue the required EIN number freely available to everyone except for me), they will be offered at a deep discount for those already having ordered the E versions in case you would like a hard copy. Anyone ordering the Rough Draft will be given free access to volumes 3 and 4 in Ebook form once they have been updated and expanded to simplify the subject matter and to include where we’re at now during the last quarter of the ascension schedule. The new stand-alone installations of 1 and 2 (previously termed volume 1 in the Rough Draft) have been updated with ascension reports from Council as well as adding 500 pages to what was covered in the previous PDF. At this time there is no target date for volumes 3 and 4 (previously vol 2) edits, but it is on my list.

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