Starseed Contracts

If you suspect that you are an Indigo or starseed, then it is your duty to determine your specific Mission Contract(s) with the help of mission guide so that you can serve your position throughout the remaining days of the transition and then continue assisting those who are moving forward to set up the foundations of the next dimension. The way governments operate, the methodologies used in commerce, construction, manufacturing processes and virtually all established systems of operation in use today will need to be reconstructed under the principles of living as one with nature. This will be a complete abolishment of religious hierarchies and ideologies and the replacement of every form of education along with a total reset of how people will go about sharing resources as a single, undivided lifeforce must be instituted. There will be no such thing as currency where free sharing or barter for special items will apply. There is much to be done and it is your job to guide the humans pressing forward on how to restructure their lives in harmony with the Law of ONE.

The transition of Particle Tara Urth from the old Gaia Time Matrix into her new position as Host planet to Dimensions 4, 5 and 6 in Density 2 of the Aqueous Sun Time Matrix is set to complete by around roughly summer of 2021 if her transition continues progressing at the same speed it has over the first 6 years of this ascension window. This is a fluid timeline which can change slightly sooner or any timespan later, we will not know until the end. Once this is complete, you will be free to go about establishing the new and higher-enlightened systems of infrastructure without the same interference that has been in place over the previous eons of time while under captivity.

Humans moving forward now are the pioneers of the next Dimension. Though that dimension already exists, the physical establishment of it still needs to play out in a timeline sequence for the Angelic Human to continue moving up the ascension ladder. It is your job to see this journey through fruition until they are finally operational. Once you have served out your contract(s) and reach the end of your natural life, you will then be freed from your commitments and will be allowed to return to the star race and Dimension you came from. As I understand it, you will not be evolving up through the rest of the 15 levels of ascension along with the Turaneusiam evolution unless that is your choice.

In order to complete your mission, you will need to undergo training, beginning with identifying your contracts through submission of the Indigo Test found here, then immediately absorbing all the information contained in the human handbook series decoding the hive.

Once you have completed this basic training, at that time you will be free to arrange for private consultation with mission guide and come in for re-Krystening. This is an official re-activation of your Indigo Soul-Integration Contract that formalizes your re-entry back into the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team and announces to your fellow mission guides across the veils that you are now to be considered in active service. This will expand your connection to your higher self and increase the protection levels offered to you by the Guardian Alliance as well as through the security team of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds. After activation you will experience an increase in your clair abilities commensurate to your devotion to the campaign that will help you complete your mission. Clair powers are not parlor tricks; they are tools for the Security Team to serve their roles.