You’re going to notice that each volume of the series is offered at $46 energy exchange. I didn’t set this number; Council did. Explaining to me this is ancient sacred geometry (Gematria) that maintains authenticity of spirit of 4 + 6 = 10 = 1 to stand for wholeness or pure intent. The “1” being the quantum of the Tri Veca Code Zero Point. You will learn about the Code in the first volume and expanded on in later chapters. If you think numbers and letters are merely images on paper that have nothing to do with your material manifestation, then you have literally seen nothing yet. Not only are they important, but they are the sub-quantum building blocks that your physical body is made up of. They’re called Keylons you are about to learn more about now than virtually 100% of the population of the world. Keylons are the original keys that can lock or unlock the doors of heaven (in false religious teachings), and without them there would be no creation either here or anywhere else.

You will also not see a “discounted price” for multiples in these offerings for the very same reason behind the Keylons that hold fast to what is honest and fair because all such package deals are Programs to persuade someone to exchange more than they had originally intended. The moment you choose to lead someone down different paths than they themselves choose, you now become responsible for any misfortune that may come their way. You will learn about Karma all throughout this series. If there is one thing beings from higher dimension truly revere, it is this. Karma never forgives and never, ever forgets. I am not here to lead you anywhere, but merely to cast a true light before your path that you can either choose to walk on your own, or not. The moment you hear enticing or flowery words that pander to your emotional psyche is the message for you to run, don’t walk, in the other direction.

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