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Working with the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team is actively bringing forward hundreds of thousands of Lost Souls of Tara (LSOT) through a variety of fronts, from providing sanctuary and education for humans and hybrids at our eco preserves spread out across the planet, to secretly escort Signature Spirit Essences (more fractals of god like yourself still yet disembodied from past conflicts) in animal bodies as “host vessels” for the ascension. (See MISSION in the header bar above for more on the LSOT.)

We provide a world-wide front elevating awareness through the official human handbook series, hundreds of articles throughout social media platforms and one-on-one counseling to provide emotional healing in order for our past team members to re-enter their official positions within the Security Team. We are proactive in offering support to the IAFW’s ground crew who are heading up a silent global campaign to bring in select animals who are ideal as host vessels of the Lost Souls of Tara. As long as we can keep them alive between now and separation, they will finally be freed from disembodiment for the first time in as many as more than ½ billion years.

In addition to this, we are also working in support with the Guardian Alliance of the Emerald Covenant, founders of the Angelic Human Project. They, like our team, are still dedicated to the same cause they were dedicated to in biblical times and long before. Our unified front incorporating multiple complimentary strategies to overcome the forces facing us during this final transition window are allowing us vastly greater success than in any of the 26 previous times we have teamed up before to execute the full extraction of those seeking release from bondage.

The costs associated with this effort are great and not all the beings we are serving have any means of assisting currently (such as the LSOT beings in the IAFW’s Host Vessels). Just one of those very select animals they are using can host as many as 1500 disembodied Signature Spirit Essences inside of them and a single mother with 16 offspring can collectively protect and defend as many 25,000 in their one family. There is no effort on this planet that can even come close to bringing forward as many LSOT as this one program.

If you wish to actually help a cause on this planet worth supporting, I can assure you that no other will do as much good with your donation as our alliance under the Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty of Palaidor. All donations forwarded through this fund go directly to caring for these animals and the humans undergoing in-person education on how to set up the foundations of the next level. None of those in the coalition use these funds for personal expenses which means if you send fifty or a hundred dollars, that full amount is forwarded on to the IAFW Council heading up the Host Vessel Project.  Follow your heart.

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